5 Key Elements on Your Website

Web design is a complex task that includes arranging elements on multiple levels. In order to create a solid web page, these elements have to be in accordance with each other and make up a stable whole.

Web designers, as professional individuals, have their own preferences and affinities that vastly affect their way of building a web page. This is perfectly okay and in most cases even desirable. However, there are a few elements that should be a common checklist for every web designer. Though some designers try to avoid them so hard, they usually end up incorporating these very elements in their projects.

Appealing images and plenty of whitespace to functional search bars and straightforward calls-to-action – these are just some of the elements that visitors expect to see on your website. Paying attention to details is crucial, so make sure to have a priority list with all the necessary elements included.

When it comes to research, a study conducted at Missouri University of Science and Technology found that it takes just 2.6 seconds for a visitor to focus on a specific element on the web page. This means you better make a good first impression.

Also, thanks to a few surveys, we have come to the results showing that certain sections draw the most attention from the visitors.

  • Logo (6.48 seconds)
  • Main navigation menu (6.44 seconds)
  • Search box (6 seconds) etc.

We have constructed a list of 5 elements that are essential in attracting new visitors:

  1. Simple Navigation

Navigation is not supposed to be misleading but rather easy to use and easy to identify.

  1. About Us

When a person stumbles upon your site, it’s important to keep up to date with site owners’ whereabouts as soon as possible.

For instance, we are Web Design Houston company that offer services in different niches.

  1. Space

Space is as important as any other element because it improves flow and readability.

  1. Contact Information

Visitors that are your potential customers need a way to contact you – so, let them know how to reach out to you.

  1. Call-to-Action

Call-to-action is the gateway to gathering contact information, providing information, and ultimately making a sale. For that reason, ensure that this is strong and obvious.

What Defines a Successful Houston Web Design Company?

Who can tell this – It is not just an easy query to answer. There are many website design companies in the world today. Searching on web for “Houston Web Design Company” you will discover the many potential companies doing web design. But here are a few well researched tips that will define a successful web design company.

Clear Goals and Objectives.

It all starts easily – don’t rush please. You need not to take any step for granted. If you observed it, or personally experienced many startups start and fail. What will make yours stand up? You need to start by having clear goals and objectives for your web design company from the very start. In could have observed it that successful web design companies in Houston have taken up to 5 years, but set goals they have achieved greatly.


You need to understand that branding is a key success determining factor. You need to start by branding your website first. Through proper branding web design companies will easily become successful. If you are a keen observer the greatest companies in the world such as Coca Cola uses billions of shillings branding and that stands for their massive success all over the world.

Clients Relationship

It is significant that you always ensure you clients satisfaction is key. It is the worst mistake to fall out will a client you have already worked together, especially due to your business poor management and standards. Consider client satisfaction as the key driver to a successful web design agency today!

Hiring the Right People.

You should always your employees first, but you need to creatively hire your clients to avoid your business from falling out. You should always understand what your employees can deliver. It isn’t important to take you employee as a friend as you will be simply burying your company.

Any Houston Web Design Company should be considering to be successful, this can be done by ensuring every company have a vivid plan towards their success. It is easy to define what you want to achieve with your company.